Program Overview

1900-2100 Registration Open

0700-1700 Registration Open
Scientific Program
0700-1700 Pathologists’ Assistants Program including PA Poster Session
0800-1130 Morning Scientific Workshops W1211-W1214
1200-1300 Residents’ Symposium – Fellowship Training in the US on Highlighting the Different Options in the US and the Requirements for Application
1300-1630 Afternoon Scientific Workshops W1221-W1224
1700-1900 Patient Safety and Quality Assurance Symposium
2000-2200 Concurrent Special Interest Group (SIG) Sessions
• Education SIG
• Informatics SIG
• Nephropathology SIG
Business Meetings
1130-1200 Patient Safety and Quality Assurance Executive
1200-1230 Continued Professional Development (CPD) Committee
1400-1700 Canadian Chairs of Pathology
1900-1950 Patient Safety and Quality Assurance Annual General Meeting – Click here to download the PSQA Annual General Meeting Agenda
Social Events
1900-2200 Residents’ Dinner & PA Section Dinner (Dinner Cruise)

0700-1700 Registration Open
Scientific Program
0800-1130 Morning Scientific Workshops W1311-W1314
0900-1230 Pathologists’ Assistants Program – Workshops
1300-1400 Residents’ Symposium – An Environmental Scan for Pathologists across Canada as well as Financial, Tax, Negotiation and Other Advice for Those Both In and Finishing a Pathology Residency and/or Fellowship
1400-1700 Guillermo Quinonez Seminar on the Medical Humanities and International and Global Pathology combined Symposia
1700-1745 CAP-ACP Junior Scientist Award Lecture
1745-1830 CAP-ACP William Boyd Awards Lecture
Business Meetings
0700-0800 PA Executive Committee Breakfast
0800-1000 RCPSC General Pathology Specialty Committee
0800-1300 CAP-ACP Executive Committee
1000-1200 RCPSC Anatomical Pathology Specialty Committee
1200-1400 Conjoint Meeting RCPSC Anatomical and General Pathology Specialty Committees
1130-1300 Section of Canadian Society of Cytopathology Executive
1400-1700 CAP-ACP Council
Social Events
1900-2100 President’s Reception

0730-1700 Registration Open
0900-1830 Exhibit Hall Open – Vendor displays and Posters
Scientific Program
0800-1030 Concurrent Symposia
• Hematological Pathology Symposium
• Canadian Society of Cytopathology Symposium and Kulcsar Lecture
1100-1230 Oral Presentations
1230-1400 Lunch and Exhibit Viewing
1400-1700 Concurrent Symposia
• Advanced Diagnostics Symposium
• Forensic Pathology Symposium
• Competency Based Education Symposium
1730-2000 Poster Presentations
2030-2230 Special Interest Group (SIG) Sessions
• General Pathology SIG
Business Meetings
1030-1100 Section of Hematological Pathology Executive and Annual General Meeting
1030-1100 Section of Canadian Society of Cytopathology Annual General Meeting
1100-1200 Canadian Leadership Council on Laboratory Medicine Executive Committee Meeting
1200-1400 Canadian Leadership Council on Laboratory Medicine Council Meeting
1630-1700 Section of Forensic Pathology Annual General Meeting
1900-2300 Canadian Chairs of Pathology Meeting and Dinner
1930-2200 Residents Review Course: Advisory Committee Meeting and Dinner
Social Events
1700-1830 Exhibitors’ Wine & Cheese Reception

0730-1700 Registration Open
Scientific Program
0800-1130 Concurrent Symposia
• Anatomical Pathology Symposium
• Pediatric/Perinatal and Neuropathology Symposium
1400-1700 Dr. Cam Coady Slide Seminar: Gynecologic Pathology
1715-1815 Emerging Trend Session: A Placental Molar Disease Diagnostic Service: Let’s improve the management of women with suspected placental molar disease!
Business Meetings
1130-1200 Section of Anatomical Pathology Annual General Meeting
1130-1200 Section of Pediatric and Perinatal Pathology Annual General Meeting
1200-1400 CAP-ACP Annual General Meeting Luncheon
1700-1800 Section of Advanced Diagnostics, Executive Committee and Annual General Meeting
Social Events
1815-2200 Reception, Gala Banquet and Award Presentations

Business Meetings
0800-1000 Annual Meeting Program Committee Closing Meeting