Residents’ Program

Residents and Fellows Networking Lunch

Saturday, June 10, 1230-1400


This is a 90-minute lunch for residents/fellows to facilitate networking with pathologists across the Country. There are three distinct tracks to accommodate participants at different stages of training and distinct career interests. There is limited space and attendance will be based on a first come first serve basis. The employment track (track 1) will be limited to senior residents (PGY4-5) and fellows.


Track 1: Networking for employment opportunities (limited to PGY4/5 and fellows):

  • For senior residents/fellows looking for employment in the next 1-2 years.
  • Meet with pathologists from academic, community and private pathology practices that are looking to hire in the near future.
  • Format will be ‘speed dating’ where residents get to meet individually or in small groups with programs/departments that are looking to hire in the immediate future.


Track 2: Networking for fellowship opportunities:

  • For residents at all stages of training interested in fellowship programs.
  • Meet with pathologists from fellowship programs across the country and staff that can speak to doing fellowships in the US.
  • The format will be medium to larger groups to meet with the different fellowship programs.


Track 3: Networking for career development:

  • For residents at all stages of training looking to develop a professional network focused on career development.
  • Meet with selected leaders in pathology from across the country that are attending the meeting.
  • The format will be medium to larger groups to meet with the different pathologists.



Residents Symposium and Dinner

Saturday, June 10, 1830-2030



Supper and talk from MD Management



Financial tips and tricks from Pathologists in their first 5 years of practice:


Invited Panel:

  • Dr. Tom Arnason
  • Dr. Heidi Paulin

Discussion regarding financial information that can only be learned once out in practice.


Questions tackled by the panel:

  • Anything you wish you had known, and would have changed looking back?
  • Anything that needs to be done quickly once you finish residency?
  • Paying back lines of credit and student loans



Resident and Pathologist Wellness


Invited Panel:

  • Dr. Gillian Bethune
  • Dr. Alison Osmond
  • Dr. Carlos Parra-Herran

Discussion around wellness in residency and once in practice. Conversation about how the panel members use wellness in their daily lives.


Questions tackled by the panel:

  • How to live a balanced life?
  • Would you change anything from when you were a resident?
  • What are some things that you can live without, or need to have for your own wellness? Is this different from person to person?



PA and Resident Reception at the Merchantman Pub

Saturday, June 10, 2030-2130

Join us for drinks and snacks (casual; walking distance from the Delta Hotel)